Nama chozō-shu・nama-zume-shu

“Live storage” sake; “live-bottled” sake.

After pressing, sake generally undergoes heat-treatment (hi-ire) twice, once at the beginning of the storage period, and once before bottling. Nama chozo-shu sees the initial pasteurization omitted, and is stored unpasteurized and undergoes sterilization once, at the product bottling stage only. The labeling laws regarding such products state that they “undergo no pasteurization after pressing and during storage, but are heat-treated at the time of shipping”. Most products of this kind are drunk cold.

Nama-zume products are pasteurized before storage, but omit the second pasteurization at the bottling stage prior to shipping. The traditional autumn products known as hiya-oroshi are of this cold-bottled type.

Like entirely unpasteurized nama sake, these kind of products retain a typical freshness, but, because of the single pasteurization, do not suffer the same extent from the same biochemical alterations in content and risk from hi-ochi during shipping and distribution.

sake, raw&undiluted (Nama Genshu)