Kyōkai Jū-ichi-gō-kōbo

Association Yeast No. 11 (Kyōkai No. 11)

An alcohol-resistant variant of Association No. 7, it was isolated by Hara Shodo (原昌道, long “o”s), et al around 1975, and has been distributed by the Brewing Society of Japan since 1978. General characteristics are the same as No. 7, but the death rate after aruko-ru tenka (alcohol addition) at the end of fermentation is low. The finished sake tends to have low levels of amino acids. Acidity is slightly high, colour is pale, and colouring (chaku-shoku) during storage tends to be light.   It is also resistant to “killer” yeasts, and so has the virtue of being less prone to infection from wild yeasts of that kind.