Seihin kōjō

Bottling factory

The seishu made through the various production processes must finally be bottled, labeled and so on to prepare the final product. These tasks are carried out in the bottling factory, also known as the bin-ba(瓶場, literally, “bottle place”).

Necessary requirements for such facilities include:

  1. Sufficient light.
  2. Ease of maintenance to suitable levels of food hygiene.
  3. Convenient layout, so that all processes, from handling of bottle and other stock to the final packaging, can be smoothly carried out.
    Subsidiary equipment required includes a boiler room, warehouse for package materials, packaging room and product warehouse.
    In major contemporary production centres like Nada and Fushimi, an increasing number of breweries have automized the entire process from the handling of bottles and other container to the final boxing.