Shuzō kumiai

Sake makers association(s)

Sake Makers’ Associations (酒造組合 (shuzo (long “o”) kumiai)) are formed by sake producers in accordance with the “Act on Securing of Liquor Tax and on Liquor Business Associations” (passed on February 28th, 1953). Their activities are:

  1. Cooperation with producers involved in the making and selling of alcoholic beverages in their care and management.
  2. The promotion of mutually profitable activities for sake producers.

The Shuzo Kumiai Chuo (long “u”, long “o”) Kai (酒造組合中央会) literally translates as Central Sake Brewers Association, but the organization calls itself the Japan Sake and Shochu (both vowels long) Makers Association in English. Approved by the Minister of Finance (represented by the Director General of the National Tax Agency), this is the organization at the head of the structure. It is made up of the various prefectural federations of sake brewers’ associations (which are subject to the approval of the Minister of Finance by way of the chiefs of the Regional Tax Agencies), which are themselves constituted of local brewers’ associations, whose approval by the Minister of Finance is issued via the head of the relevant local Tax Office. The Nada region has its own association, the Nada Brewers’ Association (灘五郷酒造組合) which shares facilities with the Hyogo Prefecture Federation of Brewer’s Associations.