Uozaki gō

Uozaki Gō (Uozaki area)

One of the areas making up the “Five Regions of Nada” (Nada Go-go), also indicating the sake brewery district of the Uozaki (魚崎) and Honjo (本庄, long second “o”) regions of Kobe City’s Higashi Nada Ward. Go (郷, long “o”), means an administrative unit of several villages. When sake brewing first flourished in Nada in around 1770, the area was part of the district known as Kami Nada (上灘, “Upper Nada”). With the Shimo Nada (下灘, “Lower Nada”) and Imazu regions, it was part of the core of the sake industry of Nada.

Further reorganization in 1828 saw the Upper Nada area divided into Western, Central and Eastern Districts, and the area around Uozaki became part of the Eastern District. From 1886, this Eastern District became Uozaki Go, as it is today. For this reason, the area is sometimes also called Higashi (east) Go.

Labels brewed in contemporary Uozaki Go include Sakuramasamune (櫻正宗), Dohkan (道灌), Shochikubai (松竹梅) and Hamafukuzuru (浜福鶴). Aside from firms with their head offices in Uozaki, there are also the Nada branches of producers with their head offices elsewhere.


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