Shuzō-yōsui jōka setsubi

Purification apparatus for sake-making water

Depending on the purpose of treatment, the following kinds of apparatus may be used.

  1. Turbidity removal apparatus.
    Cloudiness is filtered out directly or after sedimentation.
  2. De-colourizing apparatus.
    Causes of colouring (chaku-shoku) are removed by sedimentation or filtration through active carbon.
  3. De-odourizing apparatus.
    Odours are removed by filtration or treatment with active carbon, chlorine or such.
  4. Iron-removal apparatus.
    Oxidization to precipitate Fe3is widely used. Aeration, chlorination and manganese zeolite process are amongst the methods used.
  5. Manganese-removal apparatus.
    Manganese zeolite process or the use of manganese sand and chlorine together are amongst the systems used.
  6. Water-softening equipment.
    Ion-exchange resin is used to treat hard water.