Enzyme preparation (enzyme agent)

Enzyme formulations for industrial or medical use. In seishu production, they are used in treating raw materials – to improve yields, for chemical rice polishing, in the use of cellulase and lipase to improve water absorption, and in desaturating fatty acids to improve aroma, and so on. In the actual production process, amylase preparations are used to augment the enzyme activity of koji at the shubo and moromi stages, in place of koji, and to liquefy and saccharify the materials of the fourth stage mash.

The enzymes used are mainly products of hydrolysis by micro-organisms. The characteristics of the preparation vary according to the source micro-organism (for example, its favoured pH or temperature), so the preparation to be used is selected according to its use. Preparations on sale include those made from a single kind and blended products.

Use is limited to one thousandth of the weight of the white rice used.   Preparations are also used for fining sake after pressing, but only those that are specified by the Director General of the National Tax Administration Agency can be used.