“Tipping the steamer”; koshiki-daoshi

The conclusion of mashing in the final stages of the brewing season is called koshiki-daoshi. The koshiki placed over a pot of hot water for steaming rice is no longer needed, and is tipped (taosu, 倒す,) for washing, hence the expression. Nowadays, the traditional koshiki has been largely replaced by continuous rice steaming machinery (renzoku-jōmai-ki), but even so many brewing firms continue to use the expression koshiki-daoshi for the final day of mashing.

It is customary to mark this juncture of the brewing season and the safe completion of the year’s shikomi by holding a celebration. This festivity is properly called “koshiki-daoshi iwai” or such, but the name for the celebration itself is often abbreviated to simply “koshiki-daoshi”.