Registration; demarcation

As sake is subject to Liquor Tax, it is necessary to thoroughly examine and measure the quantity and constituent components of the alcoholic drink produced when moromi is pressed. The level of alcohol and extract (ekisu, the amount of solids (non-volatile materials) in g/100ml of sake measured at 15°C), the quantity of sake kasu and so on are used in calculations for this so-called kentei (検定) registration.

Although kentei is carried out batch by individual batch, it is permitted to register multiple batches in a single submission if they are made with the same brewing recipe (shikomi haigo). Each such submission is called a bunkai (分界, demarcation). For example, batches No. 1 and No. 2 of the season might be registered as 第1分界 (dai-ichi bunkai, bunkai No.1), and batches 3-5 as the second registration group (dai-ni bunkai).